Christmas wreath with berries

Create a joyful flair for the whole christmas season with this colorful diy door wreath with red berries and felt christmas trees.

It’s Christmas time again, and the first advent is already over. Some beautiful wreaths were bought or crafted and the first candle lit. Does this keep us from making more wreaths?



DIY-Deko: Weihnachtlicher Türkranz mit Tannen und Beeren


We simply continue our happy crafting with door wreaths, what do you think? :D Besides, the classic christmas wreath is IN our home. With a pretty door wreath like this, you can already make your guests happy, BEFORE they come in at all! So … Pull out your scissors and let’s start!


You need:

DIY Christmas wreath with berries

  • a styrofoam wreath
  • a long strip of white felt (approx. 5cm wide)
  • some green felt (you can combine light and dark green for example)
  • scissores
  • red berry decor
  • green jute ribbon
  • wooden skewers
  • hot glue



Christmas door wreath  – how to:

DIY Christmas wreath with berries

  • Cut two large and two small trees from the green felt. Glue with the hot glue (I use hot glue, so that the felt trees keen their shape) two equally sized trees. Place a wooden skewer in between.
  • Wrap the styrofoam wreath with the white felt strip.
  • At the place where you want to place the trees later prick small holes in the felt and the wreath.


DIY Christmas wreath with berries

  • Cut the wooden skewers, so that they fit the wreat perfectly.
  • Apply some hot glue on the holes and quickly pin the skewers of the trees in.
  • Put together some berry branches and pin them also in the wreath  -just next to the trees.
  • Apply now a few single “berries” and felt leaves on the wreath (also with hot glue).
  • Pull the green jute band through the wreath and bind it to a loop.


Now you have finished your perfect Christmas decor for a colorful and jolly holiday season! Faster than me typing this guide :) Well, how do you like it? Let me know, feel free to comment…


DIY Christmas wreath with berries